Vinyl Wraps for Vans Brisbane

Your van travels all over Brisbane every workday, and you’ve probably driven past plenty of billboards during your journeys. 

While traditional billboards can be pricey and are only visible for a limited time, you already have a mobile billboard at your disposal - your work van! 

The amount of kilometres you drive each day presents you with an incredibly valuable marketing opportunity. Just think of how many people you pass that could be seeing your business logo and whatever message you want to get across - in eye-catching high-quality vinyl van wrap!


Premium graphics and high-quality vinyl wrap

Not only will your business be in front of hundreds, even thousands, of people every day with our vinyl van wrap on your work van, but you’re sure to stick in their minds thanks to the great impression our high definition and superior graphics make on anyone who sees them. 

So if your work van is looking a bit boring and plain, or your old wrap hasn’t lasted and is looking worse for wear, it’s time to present a professional image and stand out from your competitors by investing in the best quality vinyl wrap for your van from HiDesign. 

Our experienced team of vinyl wrap experts will design, supply and install high-end vinyl van wrap that opens up another fantastic advertising avenue for your business. Even being stuck in traffic becomes a marketing opportunity when you’ve got premium vinyl wrap on your van - grab focus and attention, so that you’re the first one people call when they need the service or product you provide.


Van wrapping for any business

A wide range of businesses can benefit from vinyl van wrapping, including:

  • Real estate agencies

  • Law firms

  • Builders, electricians, plumbers - just about any trade you can think of

  • Plumbers, builders, panel beaters, electricians, and other trades

  • Dental and medical clinics

  • Delivery vans

  • Hiace courier vans

There are too many to list! 

If your business uses vans, why wouldn’t you take advantage of all that free space and start advertising to thousands of potential new customers?

Dialog wrap 2005.jpg

The investment that keeps on giving

Vehicle advertising is a simple way to reach a range of demographics at once, and every time you’re on the road (or even parked!) the high-quality, expertly designed and installed vinyl van wrap from HiDesign will stand out and keep you at the forefront of many peoples’ minds. 

Once your wrap is installed, there are no ongoing costs. All you have to do is the driving you were already doing, and you’ll reach a whole new audience with your advertising. This value for money is unmatched by almost any other form of advertising, so get your van wrapped today!


What options are there for wrapping my van?

You have a variety of choices with HiDesign, and we work closely with you to ensure you choose the right option for you depending on your advertising needs and budget.

Options include:

  • Partial vehicle wraps

  • Full vehicle wraps

  • Spot graphics in a range of sizes

  • Window graphics (including one-way vision)

No matter what option you go with, you’ll be getting high-quality, attention-grabbing vinyl van wrap that will strengthen brand recognition for your business and have your van looking incredibly professional.


Brisbane’s Vinyl Van Wrap Experts

While more and more businesses are getting their vans vinyl wrapped, not every vinyl wrap is created equal. Don’t risk wasting your valuable time and money on low-quality vinyl van wrap that looks poor and doesn’t last - talk to the team at HiDesign and experience the difference. Our wraps stand up to everyday wear and tear, as well as our Australian climate, and will look amazing for years to come.

The HiDesign team may be small, but the quality of work is remarkable and our customer service is second to none. We don’t take on more work than we can handle, to ensure that each and every van gets the proper and thorough treatment it deserves so that your new vinyl van wrap looks incredible and catches the eyes of everyone that sees it. 

We are the vinyl van wrap experts in Brisbane, and your van is in the best hands with us.



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