Ute Signage Brisbane

You’re in your work ute almost every day, driving to and from work and clients. This means you have a valuable advertising opportunity you’re missing out on every time you get in the driver’s seat.

You have signage at your workplace, you have a logo on your uniform, you pay for sponsored ads on Facebook and Instagram - what else is there to get your business in front of more Brisbane residents?


Ute signage!  

Take advantage of the fact that hundreds of people see your car each day with our high-quality, eye-catching vehicle wraps, signwriting and graphics services.

With over 30 years experience combined, my talented small team and I create and install  incredible vehicle graphics and signage that, along with our renowned customer service, has seen us form long-term partnerships with many Brisbane companies.

You’ve no doubt seen work utes on your daily commute that have our signage or wraps installed, so why not join them and make your ute’s plain and uninteresting exterior start working for you with vibrant colours and crisp graphics that will catch the eye of many potential clients every time you’re on the road, and even when you’re parked.


HiDesigns can design, supply and install ute signage on just about any part of your ute, such as:

  • Windows graphics

  • Page (rear and sides)

  • Tray signage (rear and sides)

  • Cab (including dual cab) wraps

  • Toolbox signage


One of the best reasons to get high-quality signage on your ute is because, unlike other advertising methods, there are no ongoing costs after you’ve paid for your graphics, signage or wrap!



Free advertising on your ute, that stands up to our harsh Australian climate and looks great for a long time? How can you afford not to take advantage of this amazing mobile marketing?

Whether you go for a whole ute wrap, signage on your ute tray, or graphics on your ute’s doors or windows, you’re utilising proven effective advertising to get your business out there in front of thousands of potential new clients.

And when it’s time to rebrand or update your signage, the old designs can be removed without any damage. Don’t risk going to a ute signage company that doesn’t have the same standards we do, or you’ll potentially find yourself with a damaged ute come removal time.


What sort of business gets ute signage?


We’ve seen businesses such as:

  • Engineers

  • Builders

  • Vets

  • Plumbers

  • Nurseries

  • Electricians

  • Painters and decorators

  • Surveyors

  • Panel beaters

And many more taking advantage of the valuable marketing opportunity that ute signage provides to reinforce your brand and reach many more people.


Exclusive service with high-quality signage and designs

At HiDesign, we’re a small and dedicated team who give our all to each ute signage client, ensuring their whole experience from consultation to installation is to the highest possible standards.

Make your ute work for you (more than it already does!) by utilising the blank space with a wrap or other signage to create striking advertising that gets you noticed and puts you in front of potential customers practically 24/7.

HiDesign is not a business that passes on your ute signage to inexperienced trainees; our team may be small but we are all experts in ute signage and our founder Jason King personally works on each ute to ensure you get the best possible results.   

With our first-rate ute signage, even sitting in traffic becomes a valuable advertising opportunity without you having to do a thing! Talk to us today about our range of ute signage options and we’ll help you come up with an effective and attention-grabbing design to suit your needs and budget.



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